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Microscope Accessories For Sale

Microscope Accessories

In addition to our vast range of microscope parts, we also keep in stock microscope accessories such as…

  • Drawing tubes.
  • Objective nosepieces.
  • Intermediate analyser units.
  • Incident illuminators.
  • Teaching attachments.
  • Video adapters.
  • Eyepiece graticules.
  • Stage micrometers.
  • Power supplies.

Please keep in mind that this website only shows a small fraction of what we have in stock. So please contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Microscope Incident Fluorescence Systems

olumpus-u-ura-0033Olympus U-URA Incident Fluorescence System

  • For CX40 or BX40 microscopes.
  • With U-MW B filter cube in rotating turret. (Other filters available).
  • Complete with U-ULSHG lamphouse, U-RFL-T200 and HBO100W mercury vapour burner.      

$3220 NZD (Or Near Offer) + Postage


Microscope Drawing Tubes|Camera Lucidas

Wild M5 Drawing TubeWild M5 Drawing Tube / Camera Lucida

This drawing tube / camera lucida is suitable for Wild M5 stereo microscopes.

$150 NZD + Postage

Microscope Objective Nosepieces

Olympus BH2-6RE NosepieceOlympus BH2-6RE

This sextuple revolving objective is in excellent condition. It is suitable for Olympus BH2 and BHS model microscopes.

$350 NZD + Postage

Microscope Intermediate Analyser Units

Nikon Intermediate Analyser UnitNikon Intermediate Analyser Unit

This intermediate analyser unit comes with a compensator slider. It is suitable for Nikon Alphaphot and Alphaphot-Pol microscopes.

$175 NZD + Postage

Microscope Incident Illuminators

Olympus U-URA Incident IlluminatorOlympus U-URA

Incident illuminator for Olympus BX microscopes. Has filter turret, but no filters. (Some filters are available separately—please contact us for more details).

$975 NZD + Postage

Microscope Teaching Attachments

Olympus BH2-DO Teaching AttachmentOlympus BH2-DO

This 2-way teaching attachment is suitable for Olympus BH2 and CH2 microscopes.

$175 NZD + Postage

Olympus BH2-MDO-B Multi-Viewing BodyOlympus BH2-MDO-B

Multi-viewing body for up to five observers. (Side Note: We also have side arms and support stands available at extra cost. Please contact us for a detailed quote).

$175 NZD + Postage

Microscope Video Adapters

Olympus U-PMTVC Video AdapterOlympus U-PMTVC

C-mount video adapter.

$425 NZD + Postage

Olympus MTV-3 Video AdaptorOlympus MTV-3

C-mount video adapter.

$175 NZD + Postage