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Used Microscopes For Sale

Chinese XS-2100 Binocular Phase Contrast Microscope

  • chinese-xs-2100Chinese XS-2100 binocular phase contrast microscope.
  • Ex- demonstration.
  • Comprising stand with co-axial focusing controls.
  • In base controls for 12V20W  illumination system.
  • Mechanical stage.
  • 10x widefield eyepieces.
  • Plan phase objectives 10x, 20x 40x and 100x oil.
  • Universal brightfield/phase  condenser.

$1207.50 NZD + Postage

Nikon E600-W Research Microscope

  • nikon-e600-w-0034Nikon E600-W research microscope with revolutionary CF160 infinity optical system.
  • Ergonomic design with low angle photobinocular head and CFI 10x/22 widefield eyepieces.
  • 12V 100W transmitted light source,
  • Sextuple objective nosepiece with objectives PlanFluor 10X DIC, PlanFluor 20X DIC, PlanFluor 40X DIC, and Plan 100x oil.
  • Incident fluorescence system with BV-2A blue filter cube in sextuple turret.
  • 100W mercury vapour burner and power supply.
  • Comes with manuals and dust cover etc.
  • Fully overhauled and guaranteed.

$7820 NZD (Or Near Offer) + Postage

Olympus Model CX40

Olympus CX40A fully reconditioned Olympus Model CX40 with…

  • Co-axial focusing controls.
  • In-base controls for 6V20W Kohler illumination system.
  • Mechanical stage.
  • Tilting binocular eyetubes with 10X widefield eyepieces.
  • Brightfield condenser.
  • Planachromat objectives 4x, 10x 40x and 100x oil immersion.

$1840 NZD + Postage

Carl Zeiss Jena Model 110 Surgical ENT Microscope

  • carl-zeiss-jena-model-110-005Carl Zeiss Jena Model 110 Surgical ENT microscope on rolleable stand.
  • Five step drum magnification changer.
  • Interchangeable field lenses f200 mm, f300 mm, and f400 mm.
  • Variable intensity 100W LED co-axial light source.
  • Original operating manual.
  • Spare LED and spare caster.
 Delivery and installation would be at no charge in the Auckland area. 

$3335 NZD (Or Near Offer) + Postage

Meiji Model EMZ Zoom Stereomicroscope

  • Meiji Model EMZMeiji Model EMZ zoom stereomicroscope with 7x-45x zoom optics, including SWF10x eyepieces,
    and variable intensity top and bottom LED lighting.
  • Base fitted with tiltable mirror to provide contrast ilumination –
    ideal for embryo work.
  • As new, ex-demonstration unit.

$2127 NZD + Postage